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Unlimited FREE QR Codes with styles, colors, text and more!

About QR Code Generator Releasit

Deeply Integrated with Shopify : Track order conversions, add discounts, upsell products with QR Codes that are fully integrated with your store.

Custom & Dynamic QR Codes : Change your QR Codes destinations at anytime, even AFTER you print them! Fully customize their style, colors, frame and add text.

Automatic QR Codes Included : A new way to enhance your customers' post-purchase experience with QR Codes automatically integrated on your packing slips and invoices.

Main features of the app and QRs examples

Create unlimited QR Codes with unlimited scans, choose your style, colors, frame and add text!

Key features (all FREE):

  • Create beautiful QR Codes with fully customizable designs (style, colors, frame and text)
  • All QR Codes are dynamic so you can change their destination even AFTER you print them
  • Link your QR Codes to ANYTHING in your store (products, collections, pages, blog posts)
  • Automatically apply discounts when the QR Codes are scanned
  • Create prefilled carts and checkouts with exclusive discounts
  • All QR Codes use your store domain (not a redirection domain)
  • Scan analytics
  • Works with Google Analytics out of the box (using UTM codes)
  • Order attribution and conversion tracking directly in Shopify (perfect to track your offline campaigns)

Included for FREE: Automatic QR Codes, a new way to enhance your customers' post-purchase experience with QR Codes:

  • Add QR Codes to your orders packing slips, invoices and emails (based on any condition)
  • They integrate automatically with Shopify and your existing apps (so you can start using them RIGHT AWAY with ZERO impact on your existing operations)

Some ideas to start using QR Codes on your store:

  • Get new customers in your store from offline campaigns with just a scan
  • Offer new customers exclusive discounts on products or collections
  • Create prefilled carts with products and discounts
  • Let customers contact you after their purchase with just a scan (using Automatic QR Codes)
  • Let customers repurchase their order with just a scan (using Automatic QR Codes)
  • Let customers submit a review after their purchase (using Automatic QR Codes)
  • Prompt customers to follow your social media profiles after their purchase with just a scan (using Automatic QR Codes)
  • And a lot more!

Need help? We’ve got your back!

With Releasit you get access to our 24/7 support team that can help you install, setup and answer any question about the app! You will be able to contact us via email, WhatsApp and Telegram!

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June 02, 2022
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Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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