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About Relay: Slack Notifications

Get notifications in Slack : Relay allows you to send an unlimited number of notifications to your Slack workspace for the most popular store events.

Notification conditions/rules : Send notifications to different Slack channels based on order/customer data using Relay's flexible conditions and rule-based delivery.

Customize notification content : Choose what information to include in each notification. Only notify the people who need to know, with only the relevant pieces of data!

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Instant Slack notifications for all major store events. Unlimited notifications, send to multiple channels, create rule-based triggers and customize the content. Lightning fast, no limitations.

Relay is a simple but powerful solution for listening to store events and sending notifications to your Slack workspace.

Choose which notifications you would like to send, which channels you would like them sent to and what information you would like to receive. Relay also includes a simple interface for adding conditions to your notifications, giving you the option to only send the most important events for your store.

Why Relay?

If you're like us, keeping your finger on the pulse of your online store is critically important. We wanted a simple, easy to manage way to push important store events to our company Slack so that everyone can stay up to date without needing to log in to Shopify or check a shared email inbox.

We couldn't find any notification or alert apps that did this simple job without limitations, so we decided to build our own.

Supported notifications

Relay currently supports all the major store events, including:

  • Order created
  • Order paid
  • Order cancelled
  • Order fulfilled
  • Order partially fulfilled
  • Order updated
  • Customer created
  • Customer updated
  • Refund created

Send to multiple channels

With Relay, you can create any number of notifications for each supported event type and have them send to as many channels as you need.

Set notification conditions

Only want to be notified about orders over a certain value? Or when you get an order from VIP customers? Perhaps you want orders from different locations/countries to go to different channels? Relay lets you set multiple conditions on each notification to give you more control over when they should be sent.

Customize your notifications

With a simple-to-use interface, Relay lets you choose which fields to include with each notification. You might want to send the full order details to some departments/channels, but only the core information to others. Relay allows you to customize this on a per-notification basis.

Powerful Slack lookup commands

Relay comes equipped with slash commands you can use directly in your Slack workspace to lookup orders and customers without having to log in to your Shopify store. Simply type "/relay help" in your Slack workspace to see a list of available commands.

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July 27, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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