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Grow sales with a sharable and shoppable wishlist

About Gift List & Gift Registry

Get in the Gifting Game : Give your customers the tools to ask for what they want, to get your fair share of sales in the gifting market. Your gift list can do that!

Go Beyond Milestone Events : Tap into Wedding & Baby markets as well as year round occasions from Birthdays to Holidays. Your gift list can do that!

Grow Efficiencies & Profits : Increase profits by reducing returns, estimated at 20.8% by NRF for online sales, to almost zero. Your gift list can do that!


Why “Add to Gift List” is as powerful as “Add to Cart”

Gift Lists are sales generators because they operate like sharable & shoppable wishlists.

Some ways a Gift Registry or Gift List is essential for ecommerce stores:

  1. The gifting market is estimated at $400B+. Gift Lists connect the dots between what's wanted & where it's wanted from, in one click. Without offering it as a tool for your shoppers to ask their friends & family what they want, your store is at a disadvantage.

  2. Gifting is a year round business & goes beyond milestone events, like baby showers or weddings, to recurring celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries & holidays. This gives you more ways to engage your shoppers, more occasions, more frequency & more products.

  3. Gift lists turn customers into advocates for your brand. Our data shows that shoppers who create gift lists or registries share it, on average, with 7-8 friends & family resulting in up to 75% of purchasers who are net new to file.

  4. According to NRF’s 2021 Returns Survey, $218B, or 20.8% of online sales, were returned by shoppers. Processing costs from returns can range from 20-65% & generate significant inefficiencies. In contrast, because registrants get what they ask for, returns of gifts purchased are almost zero.

  5. Gift lists provide powerful sales signals that offer your business customer intelligence on what they like, what they want as gifts & what they are likely to share. These offer invaluable insights to enhance marketing tactics.

How is a Gift List different from a Wish List?

  1. At its core, a Gift List is designed for gifting by respecting what the recipient wants.

  2. Unlike a Wish List, a Gift List is always shareable & shoppable.

  3. A Wish List operates in an exclusive ecosystem, whereas a Gift List is truly universal, offering shoppers to add gifts from any store, anywhere.

When would your products work perfectly with our gifting solution?

  • Bridal or Wedding Registry

  • Baby Shower or Baby Registry

  • Sharable & shoppable Wish List for Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Housewarmings, Graduations & more

What could you do to keep your customers informed?

  • Add your Gift Registry or Gift List page to your navigation bar.

  • Enable the button on your product pages.

  • Encourage your customers to share their list by emailing, texting or including the link on save the date or event invitations.

Is it free for life?

This is a starter version of our full service gifting system, created to support small businesses. By offering this as a free service, we bring our expertise, as the gifting authority, to democratize the gifting market by helping you offer customers the tools to ask for what they want from your store.

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October 14, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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