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Block or redirect by IP, region, country - VPN & Bot Block

About Blockify ‑ Fraud IP Blocker

Block unwanted visitors : Block unwanted visitors from accessing your store, only perform the content where you want to

Redirect restricted visitors : Redirect your visitors to another website instantly by IP address, regions, and countries

Protect yourself from fraud : Keep you far away from stalkers, minimize fake orders from blocked regions

IP Blocker - Fraud Protection

About IP Blocker & Country Redirect

If you don’t want your visitors in certain countries or regions to view the content of your website or you want to redirect your visitors to the right place, IP Blocker & Country Redirect is the perfect solution for you.

With IP Blocker & Country Redirect app, you can keep your website content secured, avoid wasting time on stalkers, protect your store from frauds and trespassers, and minimize fake orders from unwanted areas.

What makes us different

Once you install the app and set the rule (block or redirect) for IP addresses, cities/ states/ regions, and countries, the app will detect which customers to redirect or block customers.

#NEW Content Security - Text lock and Photolock

Prevent competitors from copying your article content by blocking right-click and copy paste keyboard shortcuts.

Block IP address by the exact city/state/region

Avoiding shipping fraud and blocking users from the countries you wish to prohibit

Create Whitelist and Blacklist users

To secure your content and gray matter, you may effortlessly ban IP users that have been following your website for hours by putting it in Blacklist. At the same time, you may create a specific Whitelist of users, which means that even if they are in the prohibited region, these individuals can still access the website.

Redirect customers by their country

Redirect to a certain link instantly without informing or displaying a pop-up banner.

Easy to use and modify

No technical knowledge is required to use this app. There is no need for a shortcode because the app can be installed with just one click. There will also be no code in your theme after deleting it. IP Blocker gives a full guide and instructions under the "View Demo Store" page.

24/7 customer support

IP Blocker app is compatible with any Shopify store or theme. Our customer care group will always provide you with the finest possible service by giving help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customize pop up flexibly

You can easily customize the block popup window including background, colors, texts, or use CSS

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March 13, 2018
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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