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About Reelevant

Email Personalization at scale : Scale content creation with auto-generated content and create millions of 1: 1 content variations in one message.

Products recommendation : Create 1:1 zone in your email with products based on page viewed, product viewed, purchase, abandoned cart, etc.

Interactivity : Make the difference in inbox with interactivity content like Live Polling, countdown timers, etc. to surprise your customers

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Reelevant helps you individualize your email content for each user by using data you already have about them. We split our platforms in different parts:

  • Datahub which connect to any data sources to retrieve important data that you may use inside your Scenarios.

  • Scenario App with which you can choose what data to retrieve (products in stock or page seen by a specific user for example) and decide which content to show him.

  • A stats app so you can understand what user saw and how they reacted (with click and conversion)

There are a infinite use case possibility since we can import any data (even APIs !) and show whatever content you want. However we often see the following use-cases be performed across our clients:

  • Show product that have been put in cart but not bought by the user, if nothing has been put in cart we don't show anything

  • Show product that have been seen by the user but not bought, if nothing has been seen we show the best seller of all products.

  • Show how much stock of a product is left next to it (obviously its updated when each user open its email)

  • Show specific user data like its firstname on a tee-shirt or the number of points they have accumulated

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are not sure if what you want to do is feasible, we'll be happy to help !

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November 10, 2021
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