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Real-Time All Error Tracking : Monitor all errors in real-time. Tracking all URL of your web (domain) before it causes the loss. Alert with daily report, won't miss any.

Unlimited Redirects : Generate unlimited redirects for your shop automatically using a simple feed.

Automate with rules : Automate common redirects with rules, such as redirecting deleted products to their base collection, to avoid manual intervention.

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Redirect Controller presents a smart, streamlined approach to creating redirects in Shopify to fix 404/301 errors and all other errors with live suggestions as you type. With live suggestions, you can easily create redirects to similar pages, collections, or products on your store, without having to manually search for an appropriate replacement.

It tracks live 404/301 errors on your storefront, and admin actions known to cause 404s such as product deletion, so you can quickly pick up on potential issues before they affect your search rankings.


Create rules to automate common redirects, such as redirecting deleted products to their base collection, to avoid the need for frequent manual intervention. Your automation rules will carry on creating redirects without the need to even open the app!

Why choose Redirect Controller over another redirect app?

404s alone do not affect your site's overall search ranking. However, if you have previously high ranking pages/products giving a 404, you risk losing a key source of visitors to your store. Redirect Controller helps you redirect customers to relevant and genuinely helpful pages to ensure your customers are always able to find what they're looking for and to maintain a good customer experience.

Bulk redirects to a generic, often irrelevant page are no more helpful to your customers than a 404 (which at least informs the customer that what they were looking for is no longer available). Google ranks pages on the relevance of the content within, so a relevant substitute will always perform better than a generic catch-all.

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January 19, 2021

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