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About Best Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations : Personalize customer experience with AI and machine learning technology. Generate real-time recommendations based on your user’s behavior

Increase revenue, AOV, and CTR : Apply cross- and up-selling strategy by using smart recommendations. Reduce cart abandonment, bounce rate and increase AOV and sales by 5-10

Multiple recommendation models : Choose between: Related products, Bestsellers, Artificial Intelligence Conversion, Recently Visited, Frequently bought together, Cross-sell

Increase in sales and conversions with product recommendations

Recostream is an advanced product recommendation system for eCommerce, which allows your customers to quickly find interesting products.

The effectiveness of recommendations is optimized thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Statistics of implementations show that placing product recommendations at different stages of the customer journey has a real impact on conversion.

The locations of the personalized set of recommended products with the greatest potential to increase revenue are (in order from the most effective):

  1. Product page
  2. Category page
  3. Pop-up after adding to cart
  4. Homepage
  5. Pop-up on the page of an unavailable product
  6. Cart page
  7. Blog

Recostream offers ten different recommendation models that may have different benefits and results depending on your store traffic and assortment.

Types of recommendations to choose from:

  • Bestsellers in Store
  • Related Products
  • Cross-Sell
  • Most Similar in Category
  • AI Maximized Conversion
  • Most Similar in Store
  • Most Viewed in Category
  • Others Also Added to Cart in Store
  • Others Also Viewed in Store
  • Rule-Driven Recommendations
  • Recently Visited in Store

The benefits of the Recostream recommendation engine:

  • Shopping personalization
  • Increase in sales
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Easier navigation through the store
  • Objective effectiveness analysis
  • Real-time AI optimization
  • Building customer trust
  • Store modernization
  • Improving the CTR ratio
  • Increase in conversion
  • Customer Experience personalization
  • Observation of the purchasing habits of your customers
  • Recovery of conversions on pages of unavailable products
  • Increase in the value of the cart
  • Reduction of abandoned shopping carts
  • Integration with Google Analytics

At Recostream, we use various statistical methods of data analysis.

Our recommendation engine works on every store on Shopify theme 2.0. However, in order to take full advantage of the system's capabilities and to achieve best results, we recommend the tool to stores that have at least 100 products in their assortment and over 1 000 views of product pages per day.

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December 15, 2021
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