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Reduce shopping time on displaying recently viewed products

About Smart Recently Viewed Products

Reduce Shopping Time : Reduce the shipping time on displaying the recently viewed products. Recent products are available in same page

Increase Sales : Most benefit of displaying recently viewed products is increase your sales and decrease bounce rate

Easy to Setup and Easy to Use : You don't need any knowledge of theme, our app maintain all settings, just configure the settings and you are ready to display products

Recently viewed products

In the online store, Customer visits the online store to purchase products and finds the best products/she wants. In this comparison normally customer does not open each product in a different tab and the customer faces difficulty to find his recent products in the store. to solve this problem we developed the **Recently Viewed Products** App. This app is used to display recent products to the customer, so the customer can select the product from his current page without navigating to another page.

About The App

  • This app is a fantastic app for display recently viewed products in the online store.
  • This App will help your customers to review the products that they have seen recently.
  • **Recently Viewed Products** By ZA will be displayed in Image Gallery or Slider at the bottom of the product, collection and home page.
  • This App will make it easy for customers to get back to the products they have searching for late.


  • Users can review the recently viewed products on the same page.
  • Admin can configure the number of products to be displayed on the page.
  • The customer can view any product from the list.
  • The customer can see the **name and price** of the recently viewed products.
  • Admin can configure what will be shown to customer product image, name and price.
  • Admin can set the Title of the Recently viewed Products Section.
  • Admin can show/hide the recently viewed products in the home, collection and products page.
  • Admin can configure the Image size.
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy to use and install
  • Easy to configure.
  • We provide theme reset feature so that admin can remove the section from his Shopify store.
  • Admin can set sections margin and padding according to his theme.
  • We provide the section back color settings in admin panel.
  • Admin can show the products in **Image Gallery or Slider.**
  • We support **Custom CSS.**

Image Gallery

  • In image gallery view admin can set how many products will be viewed by the customer.
  • Image Size can be changed by Admin
  • Background color can be changed by Admin

Image Slider

  • In Slider settings admin can control the images which will be shown to the user
  • Admin can change the Background color of the slider
  • Slider image size can be changed by the Admin


  • We are ready to assist you with our best customer support
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December 22, 2017
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