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About RecApp

Personalized recommendation : Boost your sales by offering the most relevant products that your customers are interested in. Let us help you to drive your sales up.

Real-time recommendation : Introduce multiple products to your customers and recommend relevant items in real-time. Improve customer engagement and increase revenue.

Satisfied customers : Customers love personalization. RecApp will improve customer loyalty, generate more repeat orders and bring new customers back to your site.



is a smart real-time product recommendation app that helps you gain, maintain or increase your market share. Keeps your business more competitive, successful and productive helping boost your sales.

  • RecApp is smart – our recommendation algorithm predicts what products your customer may want to buy next. By increasing the number of customers and their orders, the algorithm is improving and allows customers to order the desired products more efficiently. RecApp becomes more precise over time as new orders and data become available.

  • RecApp is a real time - the results are not predetermined. With each new visit to the store and with every new order, the application is increasingly better in offering new products to the customers.

  • RecApp is a product recommendation app – when a customer browses your store, the app displays the most relevant products your customer are most likely to buy.

  • RecApp never ever store or read sensitive or private data, our algorithm is working on an abstract level with id's and relations, never with sensitive data like customer names, product names or category names or any other sensitive informations.

Our offer includes and helps you gain, maintain or increase your market share through:

  • affordable app
  • shows on product page
  • top-notch privacy – we never read or store sensitive information
  • real-time product recommendation
  • smart recommendation
  • instant response
  • related products (advanced)
  • cutting edge technology
  • fast store
  • easy setup (as any app should be)
  • quick support
  • more loyal customers
  • level up your store/business
  • increase your income
  • increase the value of your brand
  • for small and large stores

It's easy to get started – it only takes a few minutes. No coding or template modification is required. After you install the app, we start to track and analyze the unique browsing and buying behavior of every visitor to your store. We still keep your store fast because our widget loads after your page. RecApp is an app with a time frame that user senses as immediate or current, fulfills order instantly, they have no difficulty with speed loading of the desired products and the offer of recommended items. This app will help you promote your store, your offers, reward your customer with more new products by showing them ideas for products they will want to buy. Smart product recommendation widgets will look like a natural part of your store. We give you what you expect - a way to give personalized recommendations on your store, and that's it. We understood that it's more important to get a few pieces of functionality 100% right than to offer you a whole functionality you don't use. If you need a store feature, increase your sales and make more successful, RecApp is here for you.

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March 29, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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