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Monitor your sales in real-time and get notified of anomalies

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Real-time Sales Anomalies : Monitor your sales data in real-time and get notified with email if unexpected anomaly occurs

Sales Forecasting : Forecast your sales with our advanced AI algorithm and be aware

Multiple Timeframes : From every 15 minute to 12 hour, monitor your data real-time

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Real-time anomaly detection for sales data

Protect your sales with real-time anomaly detection

There are so many parameters that can affect your sales during the day.

  • Theme changes
  • New app installs
  • Slow loading times
  • Price errors
  • Wrong use of coupon codes

and it is impossible to be aware of all of these. covers you by automatically monitoring your sales data in real-time and alerts you if an unexpected change occurs.

Forecast your sales with AI

Our comprehensive AI algorithm analyzes and learns your historical data and creates an accurate forecast with statistical machine learning models for every timeframe.

Get Notified

As soon as a significant change occurs, we alert you with an email.

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July 11, 2022
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