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From Management to Measurement : Upload products, manage listings, inventory, and keep track of your daily/monthly/weekly sales record - all under one roof.

Customized Pricing : Stay ahead of your competition by increasing or decreasing your products' prices through our app.

Sync Your Store on the Go : Avoid overselling by synchronizing your Shopify store with a store account in real-time.

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Description marketplace integration app helps import and sync products from your Shopify store to account. Complete product listings get imported - description, images, inventory, price, variants, etc. If you don't want an attribute to sync, untick that option - it is that easy.

All you have to do is list your products in the marketplace is - create profiles in the app that will categorize an extensive collection of products based on unique conditions. And you're good to go.

Features of the App -

1) Advanced dashboard:

The app's interface comes with a surety that you can be focused on what to sell instead of struggling with how to manage your dashboard. From product listing, creating profiles, templates to keeping track of your sales - everything is settled under one roof and it’s just a click away.

2) Automated Products Syncing:

From individual products to bulk products syncing - The app ensures that your Shopify store and’s account syncs together in terms of inventory, and availability to avoid any discrepancies.

3) Advanced Order Management:

As soon as you receive an order from the marketplace, our order management will create the same order in your Shopify store to fulfill them through the native fulfillment warehouse and carrier that you use for your store. Unique order IDs are assigned to your incoming orders, and you can take actions to cancel, refund, and ship them accordingly.

4) High-Resolution Images:

Our app imports all high-resolution images without compromising on the quality.

About - is an online marketplace in Germany offering extensive sales channels and covers numerous product categories like consumer electronics, furniture, homeware, gardening, DIY, sports, outdoor, and many more. With a phenomenal customer and seller base, is the epitome of multi-channel trade.

CedCommerce's integration app opens up a new way for you to create your account, sync your Shopify store, list, and showcase your products to the German shoppers on the marketplace.

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November 17, 2021
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