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About Reactflow Recordings & Heatmap

Record and Play your Visitors : Just like a Camera in physical shop, you can record and playback your visitors in your website. Mouse movements, Clicks, Scrolls.

Heatmaps and Funnel Analytics : Click, mouseover and scrolls Heatmaps of your pages. Funnel analysis play recording of each steps to watch dropped and converted visitors.

Feedback Widgets : Conduct surveys, polls, ask for your visitors opinions. Let them take screenshot of the page automatically to report you issues. Hear them!

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Reactflow Analytics

Reactflow optimizes your Shopify store conversion rate by analyzing your visitor behaviors and highlighting their pain points, helping you to gain faster ROI. When a visitor comes to your website, they will be bombarded with a lot of buttons, menus, and links to click, and you want them to click on purchase links more than all other links. Reactflow helps with following services:

  1. Providing you with a video of each visitor activity on your website.
  2. Generating heatmap of your visitors' activities (Clicks, scrolls, mouse hovers)
  3. Identifying bugs that you might have missed.
  4. Funnel analytics of key sale pages
  5. Feedback widgets such as poll, survey, and leads.

Visitor recordings

Reactflow records your visitors' activity and plays them to you like a movie. So you can know exactly where to change. Session replay is a powerful tool that allows you to see your visitors' activity on your website as if you are sitting beside them and looking at their screen. Our revolutionary masking feature ensures all sensitive information is being emitted from recordings.


Reactflow extract Heatmap analytics for clicks, scrolls, and mouse hovers from these recordings, providing you with an aggregate view of your website visitors segmented via devices they use.

Bug analysis

Bug analysis will look for any Javascript, network or 404 errors that your visitors might face when they are using the website. You will receive a notification whenever a new bug has occurred to your visitors. You can play their session to find out exactly which activities have to lead to that error. Stacktrace of javascript code will be provided so you can focus on fixing the issue instead of finding how to recreate the issue.

Funnel Analytics

Funnel analytics allows you to set steps required for a visitor to perform the desired action on the website such as from the Product page to Thank you page. Reactflow then analyzes each step of the funnel and provide you with recordings of visitors who failed to go to the next steps of the funnel and also a recording of visitors who managed to finish the funnel steps successfully.

Feedback Tools

Feedback widgets allow your website visitors to take a screenshot of issues they see on your website and report them to you, or conduct a poll or survey. You can use widgets to collect leads data as well.

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March 11, 2020
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