Shopify App : Reachdesk Marketplace Staging

Integrate and Automate your Reachdesk Marketplace operations!

Integrate your store with the Reachdesk Marketplace

Reachdesk Marketplace

Integrate your Shopify store with the Reachdesk Marketplace to automate and streamline your Reachdesk operations.

Product Sync:

  • Easily provide Reachdesk with the products you would like to sell on the Reachdesk Marketplace
  • Add new / additional products at anytime to a Reachdesk collection or via a Tag to auto sync products to the Reachdesk platform
  • Make adjustments to products details without worrying about updating Reachdesk

Order Sync:

  • When an order is place on the Reachdesk Marketplace, it will automatically flow into your Shopify account. Removing the need to visit the Reachdesk Vendor Portal and manually extracting the orders
  • Fulfill the orders as standard, updates made in Shopify will automatically be fed back into Reachdesk, i.e. Shipment Status, Tracking Numbers etc.
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Launch date
November 10, 2022

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