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About Rainbow Image Optimizer Seo

Image Compression : Use rainbow Image optimizer SEO to accelerate the loading time of the store. Pics easy to use automatic image compression. Smaller image siz

SEO image optimization : Use rainbow Image optimizer to help search engines discover and understand your product images. Pics visual image renaming wizard.

fully automatic : One click to complete altname SEO, one click to complete image batch rotation, compression, JPEG conversion, add image watermark, and one cl


Faster store = better customer browsing experience

Rainbow Image optimizer SEO uses advanced image compression technology to help reduce the file size of store images. By deleting unwanted data, the image looks almost the same as the original image, but the download time is shorter. Google likes fast websites, and so do your customers.

  • Improved SEO = discoverable products

Rainbow Image optimizer SEO Image optimizer provides an intuitive way to optimize your images for search engine optimization (SEO). By renaming images and ALT tags to describe the products they represent, you will help search engines classify images more effectively. More and more customers use image search to find products before buying - can you afford to miss it?

  • Powerful and easy to use

Rainbow Image optimizer SEO is used by businesses of all sizes every day. If you just started or migrated to Shopify, rainbow Image optimizer SEO can meet your needs.

The plan provided by rainbow Image optimizer SEO includes the following functions

  • 1. Advanced image compression

Choose between balance (significantly reducing the size with minimal sacrifice of image quality), conservatism (moderately reducing the size with zero loss of image quality), or customization (manually setting the compression level for each image type).

  • 2. Full automation

Just select the compression setting once to compress. Pictures work in the background, compressing and renaming images while walking.

  • 3. Advanced image search engine optimization and ALT tag renaming

Rainbow Image optimizer SEO will automatically rename all your image files and ALT tags to help you find them in search engines. Use valid default settings or create your own naming convention.

  • 4. Convert PNG / GIF to jpg

Jpg pictures naturally occupy less memory than PNG and GIF pictures. Using rainbow Image optimizer SEO, you can convert PNG / GIF in the store into JPG with one click

  • 5.Rotate Image ,Square Image ,Frame Image

Rotate your commodity picture, cut your commodity picture into squares, which is more in line with the commodity display of Shopify, and fill your commodity picture into squares

  • 6. Add picture watermark / text watermark to your product picture

All stores do not want their product pictures to be easily downloaded and used by others. Therefore, adding image watermark and text to your product pictures is a very useful function

  • 7. The original image file is stored for 30 days

Pics will store all original images for 30 days. Restore all or individual images from the task list.

  • 8. Priority support

We're here to help. Search our frequently updated help center or contact our friendly support team.

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February 15, 2022
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