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About Rain Coast

Canadian Print on Demand : All of our products are printed and shipped within Canada. Fast turn around and reliable service with a quality guarantee!

Free Shipping! : All of our products have shipping and tax built in. This means no shipping calculations on your end and fully transparent pricing! USA too!

High Quality Printing : Our print technology offers vibrant and bold colors with extremely long lasting washability!


Rain Coast: Canadian Print on Demand

Rain Coast helps you make money off your custom apparel you sell online completely risk and hassle free.

Rain Coast offers high quality print on demand services for custom apparel and will ship directly to your customers. We specialize in fast turn around and fully transparent pricing. There are no separate shipping charges on any of our products.

Use our Shopify app to set up your online store with ease. You have access to our full catalog of apparel without any minimum order requirements.

How the Rain Coast app works:

Your Shopify store products are connected to Rain Coast and when you make sales we will print and ship your order to your customer directly.

  1. Click the "Add app" button.
  2. Wait for Rain Coast to set up your account and authorize your app access
  3. In the app, click 'Create Single Product'
  4. Upload your artwork and size it so you’re happy with how it looks
  5. Adjust the price of the product that you wish to charge your customer and save
  6. The finished product will become a new product in your Shopify store
  7. When you make sales, Rain Coast will be notified and we will print and ship the order to your customer automatically
  8. We will bill your credit card we have on file for the wholesale cost of the order.

Hassle Free Service from Rain Coast

  • Transparent pricing: Wholesale pricing that maximizes your profit
  • Hassle Free Shipping: All of our products have shipping and tax built in so there are no complications in calculating shipping charges to your customer
  • Quick Turnaround: 2-5 day turnaround on all products

We look forward to working with you and we have your back and will help you succeed in your venture!


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July 15, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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