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About Raid Funnels Multi‑Step Upsell

Unleash The Power Of Funnels : A sales funnel take a customer through a series of upsells for them to get greater value by adding more to their order.

Upsells That Every Store Needs : Upsells? Cross-sells? Down-sells? Multi-step sells? Take advantage of the best industry strategies to boost cart-size, with a single click.

No More Ugly Pop-Ups : Customize the design of each upsell with our easy-to-use editor. Add discount badges and banners without the help of your web-designer.


Why Raid Funnels?

Unleash the power of Funnels on your shopify store with Raid Funnels

A sales funnel take a customer through a series of upsells for them to get greater value by adding more to their order.

Increase customer’s cart-size by giving them options to better value 

Some customers are willing to pay more for better value. Surfacing relevant upsell options like bundled sets or bulk discounts gives them the opportunity to decide what tier of value fits them most. 

You can also leverage customers’ interest through multi-step upsells. You can add additional steps to cross-sell other relevant product lines through product recommendations, frequently-bought-together suggestions, or even exclusive high-discount add-ons.

Build your funnel exactly the way you want

The Best Multi-Step Upsell App. Here’s why. Our funnel builder gives you full customizability to design the flow of multiple upsells, enabling you to show your customers offers based on whether they accept or pass on a previous offer. This ensures that your customers see only the most relevant offers, which consequently results in greater conversions.

Increase customer’s buy-in by offering exclusive discounts and offers 

Everybody loves getting a good deal. Create attractive deals and promotions to entice customers with Raid Funnels‘ powerful built-in offer types. Just select the offer type and the Raid Funnels discount system does the rest.

  • Sale/Discount(% off, $ off)
  • Free Shipping
  • Bundle discount
  • Bulk discount
  • Free Gift (Buy one, get one)
  • Recommended products
  • Direct to checkout option

Proven templates to get you started in no time

Figuring out every strategy and promotion mechanic can be a real doozy. That’s why we have created upsell templates for every need you may have as a merchant. Want to show customers related products when they add to cart? Need to clear some inventory from last season? Want to get customers to upgrade their order for a better price? We have you covered! Choose from many industry-proven templates like “frequently bought together”, “Buy one, get one” and “ Get free shipping” and many more!

Whatever your need is, our automatic discount system is the quickest way to launch a new upsell strategy. All it takes is a couple of clicks and a few minutes before you’re ready to go!

No more ugly pop-ups

Complete control on how your upsell looks

  • Adjust pop-up size
  • Add images, gifs, and media
  • Add discount badges
  • Add ribbon banners
  • Add countdown timer
  • Add custom text/product description

Insightful Funnel Analytics

Get insights and study how your funnel is performing with the analytics dashboard. Identify offers that resonate, minimize abandon carts and optimize your overall strategy for greatest returns.

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November 11, 2019
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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