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LTV and Segmentation Analytics for Lifecycle Marketing

About Rabbit Insight & LTV

1-Click Customer Insights : Track and analyze the lifetime value of your customers without having to write time-consuming code, analyze data or do predictive modeling.

Boost Customer Lifetime Value : Identify products suited for hooking customers. Optimize timing and relevance of offers post purchase. Pinpoint high-potential segments.

Optimize Incentives : Avoid the scatter-gun approach to discounting. Our prescriptive AI identifies who of your customers will respond well to a given incentive.


Rabbit Insight automates your customer analytics and helps you increase the lifetime value of your customer base.

Rabbit Insight makes it easy for Shopify merchants to become a data scientist through simple yet powerful interactive dashboards. Each dashboard is designed to quickly give you a bird's eye view of the characteristics of your high-LTV customers and help you identify high-potential segments that will help you unlock repeat revenue growth. The most straightforward benefit is that you can track the customer lifetime value over time and for different cohorts without having to write time-consuming SQL code and do predictive modeling.

Identify Your Conversion Products

Your conversion products are products that hook new customers and should be used at the top of your funnel. Good conversion products increase the likelihood of subsequent repeat purchases and thus the early stage LTV growth. Rabbit Insight lets you quickly rank your conversion products according to their potential for initiating repeat purchases.

Actionable Cohort Analysis

By looking at retention across different types of cohorts, you can uncover tons of insights and ideas that aren't obvious when you look at traditional temporal cohorts. Understand which demographic to double down on when acquiring new customers and see if discounts are hurting your growth by attracting less loyal customers.

Optimize The Likelihood Of The Second Order

Find one of your most popular first-order products, and see what products are typically purchased in the same order. Rank ordered products by first-order products and discover what your customers bought on their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th order.

Pinpoint Segments With High-Growth Potential

Slice up your customer base into behavioral segments using RFM scores (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value) and monitor the customers that matter. Pinpoint the high-potential customer segments you must target to move the needle in terms of changes in aggregate lifetime value.

Smarter Discounting

Customers who only purchase from your brand when you offer a discount are referred to as being price sensitive. Avoid conditioning your customers to only purchase from you when you’re having a sale. Promotions should be considered in the context of discount elasticities. Our prescriptive AI identifies who of your customers will respond well to a given incentive.

Feed Klaviyo

Trigger Klaviyo flows and segment your campaigns with properties such as LTV, RFM-scores, discount recommendations as well as key events defined on those properties.

Best In Class Support

At Rabbit Insight we go the extra mile for every single client. In fact, we strive to be your data & analytics lifeline.

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September 10, 2021

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