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Fully tweakable & seductive email quotations from your shop.

About Quote Machine

Create and manage Quotations : Create individual Quotes with you Shopify Products - Customize Layout, Product Prices, add Discounts and Shipping.

Allow flexible Payment Options : Your Customers use the regularly Shopify Checkout – unless of course you enable our Pay Later Option.

The Quotation returns : Help sales agents increase your conversions by flinging fully customizable, tentative quotations via email automatically from your shop.


About Quote Machine

Are you selling high value products? Expensive traffic enters your site but leaves without buying? You’ve spent lots of time and effort to optimize the shopping experience on your site?

With high price items, it's pretty simple: Posting the product onto your webshop is simply not enough.

  1. It will need some offline work and guidance from your sales team to close the deal.
  2. It will take your customer some time to reflect and maybe a little personal extra discount.
  3. Your product might best be sold by people.

If you're in this situation, Quote Machine is for you.

No conversion without impression: Large volumes of quotations in no time

The law of large numbers: nowhere else in business does it apply as much as in online marketing. The higher your number of impressions, the more likely it is to achieve your expected outcome of conversions. With Quote Machine, your sales team will finally be enabled to increase your number of quotes (=impressions) as efficiently as it can possibly get – according to the law of large numbers, conversions will follow.

Seduce potential customers: Shoppable and tempting emails and quotation layouts

Your sales team should be focused on, well, selling. Call Center agents, door-to-door consultants, shop-in-shop sales assistants – why bother them with writing and designing quotations in a text editor? Quote Machine’s job is to make sending out tempting quotations as hassle-free as possible.

Staying consistent: Define rules for everyone on your sales staff

Quote Machine will send out quotations directly from your shop system: once the rules for your global quotations template are set up in the general settings, that template can be reused by your agents over and over without anyone breaking something. You can even define a global discount and your quotations’ validity.

Nudging made easy: Engage with your potential customers

Customer doesn’t reply? Quote Machine will remind you and your team to ask them what’s necessary for them to accept your offer.

n:1 - combine your marketing channels

No matter whether the order came through Quote Machine or your webshop - the downstream process, including payment, analytics, bookkeeping, logistics stays the same.

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July 07, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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