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Add a mini cart drawer or a dropdown cart to your store.

About Quick Mini Cart ‑ Cart Drawer

Use Across Themes and Devices : Enjoy compatibility with almost all Shopify themes and all devices.

Improve Customer Experience : Make it easy for your customers to shop. This dropdown or cart drawer reduces shopping time, improves the customer experience

Cart Upsell Recommendations : Craft the perfect upsell product offers. These offers and messages help increase average order value.

Quick mini cart drawer and dropdown design

What is Quick Mini Cart?

The standard Shopify cart page is sometimes difficult for your customers to locate, and visiting the standard cart page slows down the shopping process. The Quick Mini Cart allows you to add a persistent dropdown cart or cart drawer that is easy to access and that streamlines the customer journey. Your visitors can quickly add to cart the items they want — without disrupting the shopping experience.

Use the Quick Mini Cart in addition to the standard cart page, or use it to replace the cart page altogether. Either way, the results are reduced shopping time and a more convenient experience for your customers.

Also, you can create product upsell offers and action motivator messages to include within your Quick Mini Cart bar, which increases average order value and boosts your overall revenue. After your customers add to cart their initial items, they will discover carefully curated products that complement what they’ve already selected.

Choose Between 2 Quick Mini Cart types

  • Dropdown Cart
  • Cart Drawer

With either option, the Quick Mini Cart (and your Quick Mini Cart upsell offers) appears when visitors click the shopping cart icon at the top of the page. They can add to cart the items they want, and then easily keep tabs on what’s in their shopping cart without leaving product pages.


  • Replace your existing shopping cart entirely, or use the Quick Mini Cart bar as a complement to the shopping cart page.
  • Choose between either a cart drawer or dropdown-style cart
  • Let users quickly see what’s in their shopping cart without leaving product pages.
  • Create custom promotions and messages, including Quick Mini Cart upsell recommendations.
  • Customize how your shoppers can edit their cart, including disabling or enabling the delete and modify operations.
  • Allow for auto refresh of the shopping cart.
  • Configure Quick Mini Cart to automatically open the shopping cart when users add to cart their items. *Access responsive support.
  • Get out-of-the-box compatibility with almost all Shopify themes and all devices your customers might use.

Some themes may require additional code for Quick Mini Cart to work properly. If your theme needs additional code, please contact us. We can help you create and implement the needed code.

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June 16, 2019
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