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Setting Min-Max Quantities now made Easy

About Quantify

Easily Define Min & Max : With Quanitfy, you can now easily set minimum and maximum quantity for your products, orders etc., so that you sell only the way you desire.

Simple and User-Friendly : The interface of Quantify has been developed with you in mind and to make everything easy. It is simple to use and user-friendly.

Control your Cart : Easily specify the minimum and maximum quantities for your cart so that you control how much you sell.


Setting minimum and maximum quantities in your Shopify store is now made simpler with Quantify. With Quantify, you can now set limits on how few and how much your customers can order and purchase from your Shopify store. Quantify has a simple interface that makes it easier for you to implement the restrictions with fewer hassles.

The Benefits of Quantify

Quantify can help you set limits on:

  1. Quantities of a particular product.
  2. Subtotal value in an order.
  3. Minimum and maximum quantities on product page.
  4. Minimum and maximum quantities on cart page.
  5. Minimum and maximum subtotal value on cart page.

Quantify can help you set the number of products your customers can purchase from you. You can also set limits on what the minimum and maximum spend of your customers should be. Quantify helps you have more control over the selling process of your store.

Quantify helps in:

  • Making your customers purchase the way you need.
  • Encouraging more sales to your business.
  • Managing your store easily with a user-friendly dashboard.

By making your customers purchase the way you need, you could encourage more sales to your business and aid in its growth. The user-friendly dashboard of Quantify helps you have everything within your reach so that you can easily manage your store.

Theme Integration

Quantify, by default, integrates with your store’s installed theme and you can also select and install codes with other quality themes that you have used with your store.

Customizable Alert Popup

If your customers have not abided with the quantity requirements and restrictions you have set, they can be alerted with a popup. The stylish and professional popup modal can be customized with your alert message that informs the customer to modify their cart and so on.

Who can Use?

Quantify app is highly beneficial for merchants that sell products like clothing, equipment and so on. It is much easier for merchants dealing in this business to set limits for their products and sell. Quantify has been developed by keeping in mind the needs of these merchants.


To experience how Quantify app performs, you can try it for free for 7 days. For continuing the awesome Quantify experience, you need to pay only $3.99 per month. By installing the app, you are all set to define the quantity requirements that your store requires. Try the Quantify experience now.

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October 19, 2018
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