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About Pulse Commerce OMS

Fulfill Like Amazon : Enterprise-class Order Management gives you the power to fulfill like Amazon while saving you time, money, and unnecessary aggravation

Unified Commerce : Increase business performance with unprecedented real-time visibility and control of inventory, orders and customers across all channels

Post-Purchase Pleasure : Earn more Brand Loyalty with powerful and dynamic post-purchase experiences that include proactive communication and date-certain shipping

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A quick-to-install Connector with setup support included to combine the power of Pulse Commerce Order Management System and Inventory Platform with the design and ease-of-use of Shopify Plus. Pulse Commerce OMS acts as the central nervous system of your omnichannel operations, maintaining a real-time view of orders, inventory, pricing, customers, products, promotions, and fulfillment across all your commerce systems.


Superior service and faster, more accurate deliveries.

  1. Enjoy amazing, consistent service across all channels.
  2. Buy anywhere. Pick up and return anywhere.
  3. Receive shipments on time and as ordered.
  4. Schedule future delivery dates and track orders from the shopping cart to the doorstep.


Real-time, enterprise-wide view of customers, orders, inventory, products, pricing and promotions.

** 360° View: Give CSRs immediate, real-time access to orders, customer preferences, inventory availability, product catalog and promotions across the entire enterprise.

** Order Capture: Empower CSRs to modify existing orders and capture new ones – faster and more accurately.


Unprecedented visibility, faster order turnaround, and increased inventory turns.

** Omni-channel Order Orchestration: Automate order processing, fraud detection, secure payment processing and intelligent order routing.

** Fulfillment and Shipping Optimization: Ship from the ideal warehouse or store to minimize shipping cost and shorten delivery time, and optimize inventory across all fulfillment locations.

** Inventory Optimization: Real-time visibility of enterprise inventory reduces stock-outs and enables on-demand inventory and profitability reporting.

** Pricing Rules: Offer sales, discounts, and special pricing using flexible pricing rules that accommodate various business objectives.

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January 15, 2016
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