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About PULPO WMS Warehouse Management

Go Digital & Avoid Mistakes : Go Paperless with the Pulpo Android App smart guidance. Barcode scans make shipping mistakes a thing of the past.

Real-time Stock Accuracy : Stock accuracy down to warehouse position level. Track product rotation, manage expiration dates, serial numbers and much more.

Record Time Onboarding : Unique no-code Web Wizard to recreate your warehouse. Immediate employee adoption & performance from day 1 due to PULPOs intuitive UI.

Pulpo Warehouse Management Software with Mobile App and Scanner


PULPO WMS is a cloud-based Warehouse Management System that optimizes every step of your internal logistic process: from incoming goods, warehousing, picking & packing. After the order has been placed and paid by your client in your Shopify store, it can be automatically synced to PULPO WMS. The PULPO WMS extension delivers details from your online store directly to your warehouse to fulfill your packages in an efficient and automated way.

PULPO WMS Android app

Our PULPO WMS Android app guides your employees to the exact location and precise product reference inside your warehouse using an optimal route. PULPO WMS also reduces costly returns by improving picking accuracy and eliminating errors. Increased inventory accuracy and faster shipping will lead to higher customer satisfaction.


The PULPO WMS Web App lets you manage all your warehouses, create different types of pickings, users, and process rules.

PULPO WMS runs in warehouses of all sizes and creates value for all kinds of merchants and segments. Managing products with lot numbers, expiration dates or serial numbers are some of the many advanced features that PULPO WMS offers if you need them.

Features of the public PULPO WMS market-place App

  • Access your sales order status right through your Shopify Store and monitor the status updates of the sales orders in PULPO WMS
  • Manage and automate your processes eliminating manual and paper based tasks in Pulpo WMS platform :
    • Incoming Goods
    • Warehousing
    • Picking
    • Packing
    • Dispatch
    • Replenishment

"Go beyond simple inventory management and start automating and optimizing your warehouse with PULPO WMS"

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May 04, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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