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Make prices seem cheap & fun to impact customers' decisions

About Psychological Prices Reference

Improve Sales Score : Show your customers that they are getting the best value and watch the orders rolling in

Reference Pricing Strategy : A comparison with regular cheap items creates an impact on the minds of the customers. Add emoji/image to relate the price of your product

Make Tweaks Easily : Our simple configuration settings allow you to customize the widget in minutes.


Add Psychological Prices Reference to your store and implement an emotional impact to get more orders now!

The App lets you implement an effective marketing strategy to win more orders. Your customers are willing to buy from you if they see value in your products. With Psychological Prices Reference, you can show them there is profit in it. And you can do it simply by making the pricing look appealing to them!

No need to reduce prices or offer huge deals. Maintain your price margin and still get tons of orders.

How does Psychological Prices Reference help?

Psychological Prices Reference lets you display the prices of your products interestingly. Our price reference strategy helps you create a powerful psychological impact on your customers’ decisions. A comparison with regular cheap items creates an impact on the minds of the customers. They think they can easily purchase your product when they see a simple calculation like that-

As cheap as 3 Cups of Coffee!

Buying a few cups of coffee seems quite comfortable, right? It can be other things too that can easily influence our purchase decisions. When the prices seem cheap and fun like that, there will be a high possibility of getting orders.

An Abundance of Customization Choices Available!

Our customization options are beginner-friendly. Without any expert skills, you can make tweaks and enhance the look and feel of the widget.

  • Choose an ideal position to display your text
  • Make different layouts for mobile and desktop screens
  • Change the font color, font size, and text-align
  • Input price of the reference product
  • Include an emoji from our built-in library or upload an image

Setting up our app is as easy as brushing your teeth 2 times a day! Anyone can do that, right?

Implement Changes Automatically

By comparing your product’s price and the reference price our widget shows the comparison automatically. Let’s say-

  • Price of Your Product: $12
  • Custom Reference Price (Price of a Cup of Coffee): $4
  • Select Your Custom Emoji: a 'Coffee Cup'
  • Selected your Custom Comparison Text: "As cheap as X cups of coffee!"

When the customer visits the product page, they will see a pricing snippet displaying this text with related emoji/image-

"As cheap as 3 Cups of Coffee"

When you are busy with essential tasks, our app will adjust the comparison for your other products too. That way, it will save you time and effort.

Unique Customer Service

We know speed matters, especially when it comes to customer service. Our support team is always glad to help quickly and efficiently 24/7.

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April 22, 2021
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