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Promote brands via affiliation, referral and social commerce

About Promoteplus ‑ Referral App

Social Commerce / Referral : Enable customers to earn rewards or cashback by sharing the products with their community. Increase engagement and boost sales and traffic.

Boost Branding Experience : With fully customizable and embedded app, you can define the referral and affiliate experience for your customers according to shop design.

High Trust : Higher trust in buying products by new customers, because of already validated quality by referral belonging to their community

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Promoteplus helps merchants to reach new customers and grow their brand with word of mouth

Promoteplus is affiliation and social commerce platform enabling and empowering customers or influencers to share products and brands with their friends, families and communities. Promoteplus helps the customers to monetize their social presence which in turn effectively helps merchants to reduce their marketing cost and increase in sale organically.

We support Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants by assisting them with customer acquisition, word-of-mouth brand growth, and customer loyalty development via referral programs.

How is it different from other referral or affiliate program?

  • Customers refer the products and brands instead of only store. Helps in brand building, promoting specific products and handling/clearing stuck inventories.
  • Promoteplus is authentic referral program platform. To ensure genuineness, customers are rewarded for referrals only when they have ordered for themselves too.
  • Since referrers ordered and used product themselves, Referrals can trust the reference and genuineness of product.
  • By referring their friends, your customers can quickly receive discounts or cash prizes. No need to accumulate points.

Launch your referral program in just 5 minutes

Promoteplus is easy to use for both shopify merchants and their customers. You can setup everything in 5 minutes. Based on referral program, your customers can refer, bring new customers and monetize without any manual intervention.

Boost Branded Customer Experience

  • Promoteplus is super flexible and easily customizable to support the requirements of merchants.
  • Customize product and home pages with your images, text, color and style. All can be done within theme editor without any help from developers.
  • Define your own email templates to send post purchase promotion email for referral.
  • Having text customization helps merchants to display copy in any language of their choice. German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, japanese and many more.

Analyze and Automate your referral Program

  • Rich metrics to merchants to take informed decision for defining your referral program(campaigns). You can track sales, referral success, top campaigns, top customers, top products and many more.
  • Performance metrics for customers to track their referral success.
  • Automated referral program(campaigns) with multiple campaigns based on different product and customer segments.

All cases covered to avoid Fraud

  • No worry for referral code leak on coupon website. Mostly, Promoteplus works on the concept of cashback.
  • Coupon codes defined are exclusively for single product and customer.
  • Limits on cashback via referral program.
  • No to minimal impact on speed of your store
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September 02, 2022
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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