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Send beautiful emails to your customers in just minutes

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Emails Made Easy. : Instead of spending hours putting together your next newsletter, customise one of our email templates in just minutes.

Start Sending in Minutes. : We auto-magically inject your logo and styles into the newsletters. Use your stores products and content to generate newsletters fast!

Simple. No Coding Required. : Design newsletters in our email editor. Then, send through us or export to other platforms (MailChimp, Onmisend, Hubspot, Klaviyo)

Send beautiful emails to your customers in just minutes

Is your store growing a mailing list, but not sending emails? Finding it difficult to design newsletters or decide on what to send?

Our app helps you to send beautiful newsletters to your customers in just minutes. We automatically import your Shopify products, latest articles and most recent news and insert them into a beautifully designed newsletter ready for you to send. Our customers say it "helps us stay front of mind" and has "increased our repeat sales".

App Features

  • Newsletter Designer - Our user-friendly app helps you turn your Shopify content into stunning newsletters in minutes.
  • 100s of Newsletter Templates Available - We've designed a range of beautiful email marketing templates for most major marketing events to help get you started such as (Easter, Christmas, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Flash Sales, Launch Offers). Want to tweak these designs? No problem, you can customise them using our easy to use template editor.
  • Export Functionality - We provide you with the functionality to export newsletters and allow you to send them via your existing email marketing platform (such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Onmisend, Klaviyo, ConstantContact, etc). Sound too difficult? Don't worry, if you upgrade to a paid plan, we handle all the email sending, management of mailing lists and analytics for you.
  • Add Your Brand - We save you time by injecting your logo, colours, imagery and styles into all your newsletters.
  • Email Compatibility - Our newsletters are designed to work on all major devices (desktop/tablet/mobile), email clients and browsers.
  • No Coding Required - Now anybody can quickly generate the perfect newsletter, not just those techy types! Our editor includes a simple drag-drop interface and content inputs making it quick and easy to use.
  • Spam Checking - Before sending your newsletter we perform spam checks and subscriber verification, ensuring your brand's reputation does not get damaged.
  • Integrated Analytics - We give you the tools to track the success of your newsletter campaigns and discover trends to improve the content for future sends.
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May 30, 2019
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