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Unlimited product options, custom options, swatches, & more!

About Product & Variants Options

Style your own products : Store owners can customize their own product based on their brands. Styling your own brand helps boost the customer experience.

Unlimited options : Create infinite product options including Image swatches, text, number, checkbox, dropdown, radio button, button.

Easy to Use : Easily create product options for selected products and customers.

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Customize Your Products With Unlimited Options, Swatches

1. What is Product & Variants Options by BSS?

Product & Variants Options is an All-in-one personalization app by BSS Commerce to help both B2B and B2C merchants grow their businesses.

This app helps merchants create Unlimited product options to customize products on Shopify. It also encourages buyers to personalize their products, which increases sales.

2. Why do I need Variants Options by BSS?

Merchants usually spend hours creating product options for their products. Moreover, Shopify limits 100 variants & 3 options per product. Product & Variants Options by BSS can help you with that issue:

  • Break Shopify's limit: Create unlimited product options without worries about 100 variants & 3 options per product.

  • Product customization: Create flexible options to enable buyers to style their products.

  • Product Options visibility: Apply product option rules to custom product & customer groups

3. What to expect from Product & Variants Options by BSS?

  • An Unlimited number of options: Textbox, Number field, Checkbox, Dropdown menu, Radio Button, Color Swatches, Image Swatches, File Upload, Date & Time Picker, Buttons.

  • Price Add-on: Add extra fee for selected options in the product

  • Conditional Logic: Show/Hide options based on specific conditions

  • Design Settings & Texts Translation: Customize the Option Styles to match your theme layout. You can also change the texts message.

  • Textbox - Character counter: If you setup the max characters for textbox options and enable the character counter in Design Settings, buyers can see the text character limit. This is best to enhance the Shopping experience!

  • Edit options in the cart page

  • Configure Advanced Options: Min/Max Selector, Help text, Default value, Placeholder text.

  • Provides different customization tools: Customers can choose unlimited options right on the product page.

  • Show Options information on Order Confirmation Email & Packing Slips

  • Compatible with All Themes: The app works well with all common themes without code modifications. You can install it automatically or manually. Our Customer Support team is ready to help if there is any conflict.

  • Apply product & variants options in bulk: Apply product option to product groups (all products, specific products, product collections, product tags) and customer groups (all customers, logged-in customers, not-logged-in customers, particular customers, customer tags).

  • Compatible with B2B/Wholesale Solution app

4. Upcoming features:

  • Option type: Date Picker

  • Bulk add option values

  • Import/Export Option sets

  • Inventory Management: Assign product to option value

5. Customer Support:

Our Customer Support team is here to help you with the issues.

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December 02, 2021
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