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About Product Messaging

Motivate Shoppers : Motivate Shoppers with Inventory remaining messages and order cut-off times

Answer Key Question : Inform customers of shipping and delivery dates, free shipping notice, or whatever is most important to your customers.

Convert Sales : The most useful info at the most critical location and time. Instill Confidence




    • Many sites are unknown to shoppers. Making shoppers comfortable and confident in your site and business leads to HIGHER CONVERSION RATES.
    • Answer key questions about product availability and delivery right where and when a shopper is looking for it!
  • MOTIVATE SHOPPERS: By showing shipping cut-off times and limited quantity availability, motivate shoppers to buy.

  • FATTEN YOUR SALES FUNNEL: Customers always have unconscious concerns that inhibit their purchasing. Provide pertinent, relevant information at a high leverage point on your product pages and convert them to a customer before they fall out of your funnel forever!

  • COMPETITION: Your competition is already doing it. Just look at Amazon and others. They provide delivery and inventory messaging.


  • EASY TO INSTALL: No custom coding needed. After installing the app, just enable the defaults to get started. (The onboarding messages will assist you!) You should see useful messages on your product pages immediately.

  • EASY TO USE: Customize the defaults. Customize individual or groups of products. EASY!

  • FAST: Shoppers will experience no delay in page load. We embed data within Shopify, cache code in the shoppers browser, and do work in parallel. So you should see ZERO impact to your page load times.

  • EDIT MESSAGES: Write your own messages. Include HTML if you want. Or Don't! Messages will pick up the styles from your product page.

  • VARIANTS! Yes, you can have different messages for EACH variant of a product.

  • CHANGE MESSAGE LOCATION: Our unique "location chooser" keeps you out of editing any of the theme files. Place the messages just about anywhere on a product page.

  • DELIVERY DATE: Show when the customer should expect delivery.

  • ORDER CUTOFF: Show a countdown timer to when to order for same-day fulfillment. Automatically adjusts to the shopper's timezone, accounting for Daylight Savings Time, etc.

  • INVENTORY LEVELS: Customize messages based on the current variant inventory level, and show inventory level messages.

  • PRICE-BASED INFO: Customize messages based on the variant price. For example, show "FREE SHIPPING" message when price is over your minimum free shipping limit.

  • TOOL TIPS: Keep messages concise by using "tool tips" (popups on hover) to provide detailed information.

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June 25, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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