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Product FAQs and Accordion with Google FAQ Schema for Rich SEO

About Product FAQ With Accordion

Supports Google FAQ Schema : Comes with Google Schema Structured For Rich SEO available in all countries and languages where Google Search is available.

Unlimited FAQs For Products : You Can Display Unlimited FAQs For Your All Products.

Global FAQs Option : You Can Display Frequently Asked Questions Any Where You Want In The Store.


Product FAQs With Multi Option

The Product FAQ app adds FAQs with answers on your product page and other pages. It ensures that the customers are fed with an organized collection of relevant and valued product information.


  • The admin can create, update, read, delete, and Enable/Disable the FAQs on the product page.
  • The admin can add Tables, Images, Links, Paragraphs, Bold/Italic, and custom Fonts in the FAQ.
  • The admin can add same FAQs for all the products as global.
  • The admin can add Advance FAQs on a separate page.
  • The admin can add related FAQs for the products and manage all the products FAQs.
  • The admin can manage the design of the frontend FAQs like customizing the width, font size, and color of the FAQ blocks.
  • The admin can choose to show FAQ anywhere on the product page and other store pages based on the instructions.
  • The app highlights the key information about the product and other relevant pieces of information.


  • Live Search Functionality for Advance Faq Page, which help your customer to search FQAs.

The Frequently Asked Questions app provides quick information to help customer's make a purchasing decision. It also reduces the customer's doubts and cleared in the form of FAQs. So, get the Product FAQs With Multi Option app and boost your business sales.

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September 20, 2020
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