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About Product Explorer

All-in-One Tool : All products information presented in one view and can easily be filtered and edited. No more flipping back and forth between product pages.

Save Hours per Day : Make product management a simple and easy task. Start focus your precious time on marketing and selling products to generate revenue.

Powerful Image Management : Drag and drop product images from file folder and website. Integrated image editor to add the final touches to your product images.


Product Explorer is designed as an all-in-one workbench to manage your products quickly and easily with a few clicks. It is highly optimized to save you time from flipping between product and variant pages to finish your product input or editing.

Product Explorer has the following key features

  • Entire product catalog with variants centralized in one page
  • No need to flip between product screens to manage product information
  • Multiple smart filters to narrow down to the desired list of products in real time
  • Bulk edit of product variants (e.g. price, cost, weight, taxable etc)
  • Dynamic spreadsheet-style editing
  • Drag and drop to upload photos easily from browser or from file folder
  • Built-in image editor to add final touches to your product images
  • Infinite Scrolling to maneuver down the page rather than relying on pagination to guide them
  • integrated multiple-store support on same browser with separate subscriptions. Perfect for service provider managing multiple stores for clients or business owner with multiple stores.

Updated July 2019

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August 06, 2019
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