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Compare product enables customer to make better decision.

About Equate ‑ Product Compare

Compare Product to match & buy : Help customers to compare product & purchase the best product from available similar items on the store. Customizable UI, Colors, Text.

Compare features & rates : Customer can easily compare the features & rates of the products before they buy. Supports metafield to show extra fields on Compare page.

Sharable compare list : Compare list can be sharable, so that customer can take help to make decision from others before order with Product comparison.

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If your store has such products which can make your customers confused to do right purchase, Then this is the app for you.

Why product compare app ?

  • This product comparison app for your shopify store, will help your store visitors to become customer by clearing their doubts with the right choice of best product among your collection of products.
  • It enables customer to see comparable products together at same place. And this product comparison helps customers to make right purchase.
  • You can rearrange / reorder the compare table rows with drag & drop feature to display product compare list page more convenient to visitors.


  • No Code Required
  • Automated Setup
  • Lightning Fast
  • Color / UI Customization
  • Text Customization
  • Advanced Settings
  • Supports Metafields / Custom fields
  • Reorder compare fields for compare page
  • Numeric compare analytics
  • Variant Comparison
  • Hide Similarities / Highlight Difference
  • Compatible with Product Filter apps
  • Compatible with Language Translation apps


  • Include / Exclude products on compare page based on tags

Who should have this app?

  • Store which has large collection of similar products, should give product comparison feature to their store visitors. So that customers can check for similarity and difference in the products and make right decision.

Your customers can use this feature to compare similar products like, Model comparison, style comparison, features comparison and many more. Your customers will respect this facility and choose your store for all their future shopping. The convenience makes them come back for more.

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to use for customer

  • Easy to Customize

A product comparison feature helps a customer match products with products of similar properties but different values. This way, you help your customers find the right product for all their needs.

This feature can really stoke your customers' curiosity to understand the differences among the options available to them.

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July 08, 2014
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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