Shopify App : Product Based Messages

Send a message to customer or supplier when the product sold

About Product Based Messages

Send Product-specific messages : Some informative messages may be required for some products. Informing your customers about the sale of these products will please them.

Send messages to suppliers : You can ask your suppliers to prepare the product by sending automatic emails. It may be necessary to notify someone from your team.

Organize your work : Automate many messaging by organizing your work. Eliminate the complexity and grow your business.

Send a private message to the products sold.

Some products sold in your store require some special requirements. You can send a different message to the supplier or customer when the product is sold.

Are you selling digital products?

For example, you may want to say "Send us the security code when the product you have purchased comes to you".

Do you sell health products?

For example, "You may need to say whether the purchased product should be used before or after exercise"

Do you work with different suppliers?

If the product supplier / sender is a different company, you should convey the message that the product has been sold.

Are you a training or coaching company?

When a content is purchased, you can request a notification to the person responsible for this course.

These messages work externally from standard shopify messages

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October 07, 2020

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