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Smart manufacturing and Inventory Management

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What is Prodsmart?

Prodsmart is your real-time information system. Get clear and actual data about your factory’s performance, reduce waste and increase efficiency. Prodsmart means better production and order management for anyone selling on Shopify.

How can Prodsmart help your business?

  • Your Data in Real-Time Track and analyze all aspects of your operations - orders, workers, materials, machines, maintenance, waste, time, costs - in real time.

  • Real-Time Dashboard for Connected Manufacturing Cost-effective solution with all the features you need, and none of what you don’t need. Stay connected to workers and colleagues in real-time through the app with Team Chat. Respond quickly to real-time alerts when machines are down or require maintenance.

  • Effective Scheduling & MRP From orders to raw materials, to workers and machines they'll be working on, plan and schedule effectively your operations to meet production targets. Leverage the real-time and historical data you need about each order per worker and per machine. Plan effectively to meet production targets.

  • Inventory Management Add Bill of Materials (BOM) & Product Trees to track associated operations and raw materials consumed. Track raw materials with lot traceability, from batch to finished product. Manage warehouse space.

  • Easy Worker Scheduling And Performance Tracking Track each worker’s performance individually, in real-time. Integrated punch clock tracks time people spend at work and their productivity – shop floor workers and the rest of your team. Control who does what, where, when and how. Align shift management with shop floor activity. Know how worker productivity affects product cost – in actual dollars and cents!

  • Generate Production Reports in Real-Time Generate reports in real-time to understand different aspects of your operation. Create custom parameters to track your production process. Leverage aggregated reports to cross-reference data from multiple sources. Manage the batches of finished products that are ready to send to your clients and the ones you already sent.

  • Machines Management and Maintenance VReal-time global OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) keeps informed about how well the operation is running. Know the current state of machines – which ones are down and which ones need maintenance. Manage maintenance scheduling to minimize unscheduled downtime and optimize your production.

  • Did we mention that we help you every step of the way? From setup to implementation, our team of experts works hand-in-hand with your team to grant the faster and most accurate implementation of Prodsmart on your shop floor, as well as helping your team in the process of learning about the solution and starting collecting data in the new devices.

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August 26, 2021
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