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About PRIME AI | Napoleon Feed App

Product feed Export - CSV : Enables the merchant to export their product data as a CSV file. Allowing you to do as you please with a copy of your stores data.

Product feed Export - JSONL : Enables the merchant to export their product data as a JSONL file. Similar to the CSV function but in a different (up and coming) format

Backup Your Feed : Enables the merchant to create regular backups of their product data. Allows the merchant to see all the important product data.

Product feed processing

What does it do?

The Prime AI's Napoleon feed processing application allows you to see all of your data in a CSV file or a JSONL file. You can see all of the data regarding your overall inventory for all of your locations and you can see all of your product data. All you have to do is click on the export button. This application also gives you a list of how long it took to create that feed.

What data does it export?

  1. The SKU for each product variant
  2. The display name for each product variant
  3. The current price
  4. The currency information about that product.
  5. The overall inventory quantity for the product.
  6. The product type
  7. Publish time.
  8. Page HTML for product variant.
  9. Product Image location.

Key Features

  • Export product feed as CSV
  • Export product feed as JSONL
  • Export your sync feed

Why would I use this?

You may ask yourself, what does this application even solve? If you have ever wanted to make backup copies of your products data then you can do this. With product feeds you can do a lot, it's becoming more common place to use product feeds on other platforms for the purpose of SEO.

Prime AI's Napoleon feed processing app enables your store to ukeep Prime AI tools up to date with products and inventory feed automatically. The Prime AI's Napoleon feed processing app is useful for merchants as it solves the problems of not having a stores product and inventory feed easily stored as CSV files or the up and coming format of JSONL. With this feed you may do as you please, keep this feed for backups if you wish or use it for the many other purposes that product feeds can be used for.

Simply install the app on your Shopify store and Napoleon will provide easy access to your products feed so Prime AI size recommendation and back-in-stock functionality are seamlessly kept in sync automatically.

Are more features coming?

Of course more features are coming. Napoleon is growing project. We have plans to add many more features in the future to give more value to merchants product feeds. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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January 19, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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