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About Price2Spy

Price change alerts : Get instant price alert emails whenever your competitors change their prices

Rule based repricing : Accept / reject repricing suggestions based on your own business rules

Competitor prices overview : Get your competitor prices overview in real time and identify which site is trying to be cheapest and which ones are more expensive

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Adjust Prices On-the-Fly in Response to Market Demands

Price2Spy is a price monitoring, price comparison, and repricing tool used by clients all over the world.

From small family businesses to large international companies, the service helps online retailers to monitor, analyze pricing data and reprice their products, depending on their market strategy.

Shopify Integration & Repricing

Integrating your Shopify store with Price2Spy works quite simple and beyond that, the integration provides many valuable advantages such as:

  • Adding new products / deleting obsolete products in a matter of minutes - the action performed in an automated way.
  • No need for extra development (programming) efforts on your side.
  • Repricing - Price2Spy will detect products that need to have their price changed, and after you confirm the change, it will be automatically done on your store.

Key Features

  • Power, Simplicity & Quick Start

Technically powerful tool, Price2Spy was made very simple and intuitive for end-users (no technical knowledge required whatsoever).

  • Unlimited Number of Competitors / Sites to Monitor

Price2Spy can handle any number of sites to be monitored.

  • Email Alerts

Be the first to know that the price has changed! Price2Spy will send you an email as soon as it detects that a price (or item availability) has changed.

  • Product Matching Accuracy

Whatever method we advise, either Manual product matching or Automatch, we will make sure that the product matches are correct, so you can fully rely on price comparison reports.

  • Powerful Reporting Mechanism

Price2Spy's in-depth reports will show you market movements - whether your competitors are changing the prices up or down.

  • Multichannel Support

Price2Spy is able to monitor prices shown on marketplaces, individual retail websites, as well as price comparison Websites.

  • Smart Spidering

Price2Spy is great at monitoring Websites that are built to shield off monitoring applications. Over the years we have developed so many ways around such bans. You can virtually see the pricing of your competition even if their websites don’t want to be monitored.

  • Dynamic Pricing & Repricing

The Repricing module helps you to make concrete repricing decisions in order to be more competitive in the market. Depending on your implementation preferences; Repricing mechanisms (Smart Raise and Smart Drop) can be integrated with your online store either in a Direct or Indirect way.

We are here to help

For any questions, please contact us - we will be happy to help.

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April 06, 2021
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