Shopify App : Price Comparison and Affiliate

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About Price Comparison and Affiliate

Customers can Compare Price : Customers can compare prices from other stores increasing your sale if selling the same product at higher price than you.

Make Money through Affiliates : Increase sale with affiliates and price comparison.

Make a Price Comparison Store : Convert your store into a price comparison store and make money through affiliate marketing.


The Price comparison app is for those sellers who want to show the high prices of their competitor. Attract customers and or make money through affiliate marketing.

With the price comparison app, you can convert your store to a price comparison store with affiliate links. By using this comparison app, you can show the prices and links from a different store on the product page. You can show the price comparison app section anywhere on the product page. With so many e-commerce stores offering different products, it becomes pretty difficult for users to get the best deal. Here comes the price comparison app to the rescue. This app will allow your clients to compare products prices from a different stores.

For store owners, it provides excellent tools to manage their products price and buy now / affiliate links. Display them in the best possible way on the product page.

  • Easy to Install
  • Unique & Must have App
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Manage
  • Add External Buy Now / Affiliate link
  • Auto Update Price

How Will It Help Your Store?

The price comparison app has so many features. you can convert your Shopify website into a high-level price comparison website. Some of the significant features of this app allow you to manage product prices and buy now / affiliate links.

Check Out The Features You Can Enjoy With This Price Comparison App.

Manage Price Store

With this feature you can manage (add,edit,delete,import,export) your competitive / affiliate partner store.

Manage Product Price

Using this feature, you can manage add, edit, delete, import and export your competitive / affiliate partner products.

Note: this app does not allow you to create products. It will enable you to add prices of existing Shopify product for different stores you added from manage store section.

Manage Buy Now / Affiliate Links

With this feature, you can manage (add, edit, delete, import, export) your competitive / affiliate partner product page links.

App Integration With Shopify

The integration is effortless and can be done with very little changes in source code. A complete documented procedure is available to carry out the task.

Admin Panel For Price and Affiliate Linking

Easy to manage admin panel will help you in add product prices with affiliate links. Control them with least effort. You can add prices and links to an existing Shopify product from product edit page.

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January 03, 2018
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