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About Pre‑Order Manager | PreOrder

Increase sales with preorders : Automatically replace "Add to cart" buttons with a ‘preorder’ button before stock arrives. Schedule your preorders and set preorder limits

Keep Selling when Out of Stock : Avoid customer disappointment and improve cash flow. Setup pre-purchase for coming soon products or notify customers when stock arrives.

Partial Payments : Accept a deposit for pre-orders and charge the remainder when products ship with our Partial Payments feature.

Shopify Flow

Sell more this Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend! Instantly start taking preorders for out-of-stock products. Simple to set up, no-coding required, works with any theme, and includes 24/7 app support.

Add preorders to your store in a few-clicks

  • Create preorder rules and apply them to any number of product groups
  • Manage/Edit what products can be preordered either individually or in bulk
  • Track preorders and preorder revenue from the apps sales dashboard

Fully customizable

Change the preorder button text and design to best match your store, simply make changes in the design dashboard no-coding required.

Clean and easy installation

  • Works out of the box for 95% of the themes. No extra coding or theme customizations needed.
  • Includes 24/7 live app support to help you succeed and getting the most out of the app
  • Fully compatible with AJAX carts, collections, and homepages, as well as quick-view pop-ups.

Set your Preorders on autopilot

  • PreOrders can be turned ON automatically as stock runs out or at a scheduled start/end.
  • Pre-Order's can also be turned OFF automatically, if preorder limits or end dates are reached.

Add a discount to preordered products

Reward users who preorder, add a $ or % discount for any preordered product

Set total pre-order limits and daily pre-order limits

Set how many preorders your store will accept before showing as “sold out”.

Notify customers when products are back in stock

Allow customers to sign up, via email, to receive a notification once products are available for purchase. Perfect for gauging product interest and keeping products selling.

Show a Coming Soon button

For any out of stock products, display the exact date the product will be available for purchase. Perfect for any limited product releases and creating product hype.

More amazing out-of-the-box features:

  • Add a preorder label text on cart and checkout pages
  • Add a preorder badge to product images
  • Opt-in checkbox for preorders, require users to accept before purchasing
  • Show quantity available for pre-order
  • Add a custom tag to preorder products
  • Offer preorders for specific Countries only
  • Get notified when products reach a certain amount of stock

Free 24/7 Live App Support

Our app includes 24/7 live human chat support, as well as phone or email support. If on the rare occasion the app doesn't work at first with your theme, our App development team can assist to get it working totally free, and within ample time.

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July 23, 2015
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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