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Boost your navigation and conversions with collection filters

About Filter Menu by Power Tools

Powerful Product Filtering : Create advanced product filters for brand, type, tag, collection, variant, price and more, with different styles to find products quickly.

Customized For You : Quickly create, modify and maintain a product filter menu that allows you to customize and optimize for your needs

Easy To Install : Simple installation supporting all themes, so you can focus on what matters most. Fully customizable and flexible for your needs

Power Tools Suite
Power Tools Filter Menu

Looking to Simplify Your Store & Grow Your Sales?

Using a collection filtering system is a proven way to grow sales. If you’re searching for a way to boost your stores performance... then a smooth navigation system could be your answer.

Retail experts have proven that when stores make it easier for their customers to shop, their sales go up. Why? Because your customers are short on time, and they’ll reward you for making their life easy.

That’s why we built the Power Tools Filter Menu for store owners like you - people that want to squeeze the most potential out of their store, right now!

Trusted By Leading Stores

  • Tens of thousands of stores have used the Filter Menu to improve their store navigation
  • 100% uptime with Shopify, never worry about your filtering being offline like other solutions
  • Very fast - loads with the page, not after, like external filtering solutions
  • Maximum Compatibility - because we still use your existing collection pages, any apps and customizations are not altered by the Filter Menu.
  • 5 Start Support - if you have a question or need help, our highly rated and friendly support team is here to guide and ensure you get the most out of your store.
  • Flat Pricing - grow as much as you like

It’s Everything You Need To Make Shopping Frictionless

  • Improved Store Navigation. You can offer your customers a world-class shopping experience allowing your customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Plus, boost your conversion rates too!
  • Hands-Free Filter Maintenance. Get the full experience of an advanced filter menu without all the work.
  • Flexible Filter Options. Create filters based on Price, Brand, Type, Variants such as Color or Size, or any other collection or tag.
  • Tailored To Your Store. Whether you’re using a native theme or a custom-made one, our support team will tailor the app to your needs.
  • Works with practically every other app and theme. We make full use of your existing theme code to ensure that any apps or customizations will still work perfectly.

And It Includes Some Awesome Perks Too!

  • Seamless 1-Click ‘Developer-Free’ Installation. Don’t waste time or money installing the app or hiring a developer.
  • Friendly, Responsive Customer Support. Get all your questions answered, right now.
  • No Ads or Branding. Keep your store professional and consistent with your brand.

Once it's installed, it's super easy to manage and update the app anytime. If you ever run into trouble, you'll have access to our support to help you get the most out of this app.

But don't take our word for it. You can see this app live and functioning on our demo store.

If you loved the app, why not checkout the rest of the Power Tools Suite? The Filter Menu app works great with our other products too.

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June 26, 2013
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