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Calculated shipping rules & delivery zones to improve checkout

About Postcode Shipping

Ship local or around the world : Set up shipping delivery rates & rules for whole groups of countries, regions, neighbourhoods and even individual postcodes / zipcodes.

Advanced shipping rates, rules : Use our powerful shipping rate builder to calculate shipping based on customer location, postal code, the contents of their cart and more!

Shipping zone support team : Shipping zones can be tricky to get right but you’ll be backed up by first-class, no-nonsense support. We’re not happy until you are.

Carrier Calculated Shipping

If you are on a plan below Advanced, please read before installing.

Carrier calculated shipping is required to use this app.

Carrier calculated shipping is a requirement defined by Shopify for your store to retrieve shipping rates from external sources, such as this app.

This platform feature is available by default on Advanced and Plus Shopify plans. If your store is on an alternative plan you can get Carrier calculated shipping by switching to annual billing and requesting the plan feature from Shopify Support.

Postcode Shipping Highlights:

  • 8 years on the Shopify network. We work hard to keep merchants happy, our reviews show this.
  • Customized shipping/delivery rates based on global postcode/zipcode ranges.
  • Advanced area matches to target cities, suburbs, states, etc.
  • Calculate shipping by order weight, quantity or flat rates.
  • Setup rate tiers to provide extensive shipping support.
  • Catch-all blocks to ensure you don't lose a request due to missing rules.
  • Rate sandbox to quickly test rates inside the app.
  • Product group shipping to target specific product groups with unique pricing (currently in beta)

The most advanced postcode matching engine on Shopify

Postcode Shipping not only lets you target individual postcodes but also allows postcode/zipcode ranging for broad matching.

Use Postcode Shipping for your numerical ranges (2000-3000) and your alphanumeric ranges (AB1*-AB5*) found in the United Kingdom and Canada. We've spent years working on refining our matching system to ensure merchants can trust our solution.

Our rules system is the most advanced within any app on the Shopify platform.

Need to control your shipping in specific postcodes?

Provide shipping rates to your customers based on postcode ranges with flat rates, price per weight or quantity, and percentage of the order price.

Both numeric and alphanumeric postcode ranges are supported

Need to target specific suburbs, city, province/state?

Postcode shipping can help you with our area rule matching to target (or exclude) specific areas from your checkout.

Can I Use This For ... Country?

Postcode shipping works for all countries. If your country doesn't have a postcode/zipcode you can use the wildcard feature. If you have found a country that it doesn't work for, email us and we will make it work.

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't 100% satisfied with the app we are more than happy to refund you in full. We believe in good service and happy merchants. If you are having troubles, get in touch.

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