Shopify App : AOV Booster Upsell

Boost your average order value with post purchase upsells

About AOV Booster Upsell

Increase repeat purchases : Entice your new customers with discounts to make repeat purchases

Boost profits : Optimize the valuable real estate of your order status page to increase profits

Build customer loyalty : Show value to your customers with easy discounts to make repeat purchases


Why use this app?

Your order status / thank you page is your Shopify store's most valuable real estate. It is the part of your store that 100% of your customers view. Why not use it to upsell your customers with a convenient discount to make another purchase. This app helps your utilize that valuable real estate to boost your profits and bring repeat purchases from your most valuable customers.

You're probably already using upsells and unique offers on your product pages and checkout pages, but your thank you page is guaranteed to be seen by all your actual spending and converted customers. Build customer loyalty and increase revenue with repeat purchases.

How it works

Post Purchase Upsell installs a discount coupon box that encourages your customers to make another purchase with a dynamic, one-time-use discount code to make another purchase. It uses expiring timer discounts to create scarcity and urgency to help convert customers while they are still on your Shopify store.


  • Customizable coupon box on your order status / thank you page
  • Edit discount discount expiration, call to action texts, description boxes
  • Track advanced analytics on clicks, conversions, etc.
  • Identify your most valuable customers to help build brand loyalty
  • Easily activate / deactivate the app to your convenience without uninstalling

Getting started

  • Click "Add app" button at the top of this page.
  • Install our app to your Shopify store.
  • Configure and customize the discount widget to fit your needs.
  • Sit back and watch your revenue soar as you convert your most valuable customers with convenient post purchase upsells.


Easily contact us through Messenger or email for any problems. We respond to support enquires pretty fast. We're happy to help you set up the app and answer any questions you may have.

About us

We are also Shopify store owners who realized the massive opportunity in utilizing the order status page. We are also app developers who have built Shopify apps for hundreds of other Shopify stores with great success. We are trusted partners in the Shopify ecosystem.

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Launch date
December 04, 2019
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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