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About Popup Sign up ‑ Sales Banner

Collect contact information : Show popups and banner to collect customer information such as email addresses, phone numbers, social networks with attractive promotions.

Connect with more customers : You will have more chances to invite customers to register your website to get many attractive gifts or introduce the best-selling products.

Drive sales by promotion popup : With customer information files, you can contact them through many channels to introduce products and create close relationships.

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Why install Popup Sign up - Sales Banner on your Shopify store?

How to collect customer's personal information? How to make effective use of the collected information files? Those are the questions that every online business owner faces.

The mission of Popup Sign up - Sales Banner is to help you collect contacts and use them effectively to drive sales.

Popup creates strong FOMO for your visitors and helps growing business. Popup Sign up - Sales Banner is a powerful popup banner app that helps you grow more sales and build email databases. It’s on the must-have popup list for all medium and large stores.

Key features of Popup Sign up - Sales Banner

  • Theme set with eye-catching design
  • Serving custom designs that customers want (Order your design)
  • 3 layout styles - Show all areas (Light - Sidebar - Floating)
  • Email popup, sign up popup, promotion popup, popup, discount popup
  • Customize popup about interface, images, buttons, etc
  • Customize popup display on the website
  • Show on desktop, mobile
  • Show on homepage, product page, etc
  • Show every page view
  • Show once every session
  • Show again after setting time
  • After X seconds will show popup
  • Stop popup after customers submit an email or click the submit button
  • Stop when the customer clicks the close button popup
  • Statistics for campaigns
  • Collect customer contact information
  • Automatic mailing system

Advanced popup customization

You’ll get the control over customizing and setting. Popup Sign up - Sales Banner provides you the ability to target specific customers with effective popup campaigns.

High responsive and customizable popups grow new customers while building trust from loyal buyers.

You can edit any information displayed on the popup as well as the frequency of display, the fixed time to display or turn off the popup.

Collect more emails, contacts via email popup, get more sales and reduce cart abandonment

Building email popup lists has always been an uneasy task. Popup Sign up - Sales Banner offers an ideal solution. Create your perfect email pop-up, mailing list sign up popup, or newsletter signup popup and collect email addresses in your dashboard.

The automated email system will send customers a thank you email each time they leave contact information. At the same time, we also provide you with maximum support to create promotional or marketing mail campaigns for each customer group.

Fast and free customer support

We always place customer care as our important mission to help you drive revenue. We are ready to accept customer requests about upgrading functions or designing your own popup in accordance with the overall website.

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August 26, 2021
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