Shopify App : planR DTC Campaign Planner

One calendar to plan campaigns across marketing channels!

About planR DTC Campaign Planner

Plan like a pro. : One app for planning your marketing activities. Add events, filter events based on tags, update and delete unwanted events seamlessly.

Customize to your liking. : Get default tags for popular channels. Create new tags and add events according to your marketing needs.

Keep track of things easily. : Don't scroll through mindless spreadsheets just to keep track of your marketing plans. Get a simple, holistic view of what's been planned.

Plan your marketing activities effortlessly with planR.

One calendar to plan campaigns across your marketing channels!

planR DTC Campaign Planner helps your marketing team plan their activities in advance in the form of a neat, simple calendar interface. Add events and create tags to categorize these events. Make it much easier for the marketing and leadership team to understand and track what's happening on the side of marketing.


  • Seamless installation. Go from installing to planning events in minutes!
  • Enjoy easy visibility on what is happening in marketing.
  • Extremely customizable. Create tags and add events according to your store's marketing needs.
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June 09, 2022

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