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Personalized SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery, Upsells & Campaigns

About Pivot Human Powered SMS

Full-Fledged Features : Abandoned cart recovery, post-purchase upsells & custom campaigns. Powered by humans, our platform has everything you need, minus the fluff.

Powered by Real Humans : Our real humans text & convert your customers in real time. We answer questions, provide support & send small discounts.

ROI & Customer Oriented : We're focused on ROI and customer experience above all. Keep your pockets full & your customers loyal with Pivot SMS.


Pivot: What is Human Powered SMS Marketing?

In a sea of stale SMS marketing apps, why choose Pivot? Pivot is a text marketing platform that strings Abandoned Cart Recovery, Upsell Flows & SMS Campaigns into one place - and powers it all with real humans.

Our dedicated team texts your customers on your behalf in real time, to convert lost carts & missed opportunities, augment order values through clever upsells, and gives you endless opportunities to reach your customers with custom SMS campaigns.

Authentically human, Pivot is the platform that recovers lost carts, pushes upsell offers, answers support questions & buyer objections - all while keeping your pockets full & your customers coming back again, and again.

The Tool for Conscientious Businesses

Pivot capitalizes on the power of SMS marketing and the human touch, to generate results that blow any other abandoned cart recovery or upsell system, out of the water.

The SMS Marketing Solution Made for Humans, by Humans

Pivot ensures that every single one of your customers has the chance to have a real conversation with your brand - something that is so refreshing and effective in the world filled with bots and autoresponders.

With no time input on your end, our sales team will engage your customers to reclaim and embed interest in your products. We answer your customers' questions, solve objections, offer incentives, and inspire them to take valuable actions on your website.

Red or Blue: Will You Make the Choice That’ll Pivot Your SMS Marketing Strategy?

Pivot Human Powered SMS Marketing is the SMS marketing platform your brand needs in 2021 and going forward.

Analyzing our performance with an easily digestible dashboard, historical data charts and full conversational transparency is simple.

From abandoned cart recovery, upsells, custom campaigns, and powerful customer list segmenting, our platform gives you the tools to successfully scale your SMS efforts with zero downside, and only infinite upside.

Take action and Pivot your SMS Marketing efforts today. Signup that takes seconds to complete.

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August 05, 2021

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