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About Checkout Shipping Calculator

Boost checkout conversion rate : Increase cart conversion by accurately informing customers when their package is arriving, automatically displayed live from any carrier.

Clear delivery date checkout : Increases loyalty and gain returning customers by actually delivering when customers expect. See if free shipping for orders over $100 helps

Shipping upsell on checkout : Set up different variations of shipping & delivery methods to see which perform better and continually improve your checkout's conversion.

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PinkyPromise: Checkout magic

A certain massive corporation already figured out that shoppers are more likely to buy and buy more often when they know when their stuff will be arriving. This is a simple tool that does just that. You can even A/B different shipping options to see which ones convert your shoppers better.

Increase your checkout conversion

PinkyPromise Checkout Upgrade is a simple and lightweight app that adds live arrival times to your checkout's delivery methods and lets you A/B test to answer “which delivery methods convert best?”.

Easily add delivery methods with arrival times

You can even A/B test to learn:

  • How much should you charge for delivery to maximize profits & conversion?
  • At what cart size should you offer free delivery? What's the ideal threshold?
  • Do your customers prefer shipping options that say "Arrives by Thurs" or "Arrives in 3-5 business days"?\
  • Which delivery price converts the most customers and for the biggest orders?
  • Does it pay to offer loyal returning customers delivery discounts?
  • And lots more...

Heads up: PinkyPromise needs an annually paid Shopify Basic plan or an Advanced/Plus plan to work in Shopify's checkout

Which shipping option converts better?

Ready to discover the best-converting checkout delivery options? It's easy: add a shipping rate then add a variation to it with a few different details (whatever you want to test) then see which variation performs better.

For example, easily test for your shipping options' optimal:

  • Name: Do your customers respond better to "Expedited", "Express", or "Fast shipping"?
  • Rates: What converts better: a flat shipping rate or live rates from UPS & USPS?
  • Estimated delivery arrival times: See if your customers are more likely to buy with “Arrives between 3 to 8 business days” or “Arrives by Thursday”
  • Discounts for returning customers: Test whether a delivery method converts better when you offer discounted shipping rates for first-time customers or anyone who’s ordered from you over "X" times previously.

Get started in seconds

  1. Add a delivery method with a flat rate or live rate from UPS or USPS
  2. Create an A/B test for it with different variations to see which converts better
  3. Once the A/B test is over, keep the winner, delete the loser, and start again

Requires Third Party Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates

PinkyPromise Checkout Upgrade app requires “Carrier Calculated Shipping” to work. It's included in Shopify's Advanced and Plus plans and also available on the Basic plan with an annual payment plan.

Awesome customer support

We're here to help, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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April 20, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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