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Live Art & Product Previews to Increase Conversions

About Picture It

Elevate Your Storefront : Live Preview enables shoppers to preview your products in space and over backgrounds.

Increase Shopper Confidence : Match by color and size. This elevated buying experience brings shoppers closer to purchase.

Sell More : Shoppers can Save and Share what they see for further consideration which helps reduce abandoned carts.

Picture It live preview art on Shopify

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About this app

In 2016 we asked Shopify stores in the Ecommerce Forums, "what do you need?" Art and home goods stores told us one thing: "ability for customers to preview our products in their home and offices." So we finally built it.

Preview Your Products

Picture It allows your shoppers to snap a picture on their phone, upload from their computer, or preview "live" (augmented reality) what a product you sell will look like in their space. They can evaluate whether it matches colors, will "fit" in terms of sizing, and more.

When a shopper uses Picture It to preview a product, they're given the option to add that product to their cart or download/save the image to their device for further consideration. This helps increase conversions and reduce abandoned carts.

How it works

  1. Enable our live preview feature for any selection of products in your store
  2. Choose which image (or upload a new one) should be preview-enabled, and we'll remove the background
  3. Shoppers on your store will be able to click "Live Preview" (button text, placement, color, etc all customizable) on that product's sales page
  4. Shopper can preview your product, add it to their cart, or download the preview offline

Who is this for?

Picture It was designed primarily for stores selling art, but other home goods (vase, rugs, furniture, etc) also work well. This is thanks to our "angle" and rotation filters which allow you to adjust a product to fit the 3-dimensional aspects of a given room.

Compatible with nearly all devices and browsers. Go to picture it dot co for more detail.

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December 16, 2019
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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