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Virtual Fitting Room for Clothing Shops

About PICTOFiT Virtual Try‑On

Increase your sales : Providing your shoppers with an interactive virtual try-on solution directly increases the revenue generated from your e-commerce shop.

Drive user engagement : Enabling customers to virtually try-on garments on their own avatar increases the fun factor and in turn the time spent in your online shop.

Reduce your return rate : PICTOFiT provides highly accurate size recommendation and fit check, helping shoppers make better purchasing decisions.



To stand out from the crowd, fashion brands and retailers need to focus on customer satisfaction by providing a unique and exciting shopping experience. PICTOFiT, Reactive Reality’s white-labeled platform, powers a highly realistic, scalable and fun virtual try-on experience for fashion brands and retailers worldwide. The end-to-end solution has helped leading fashion brands and retailers significantly increase sales and boost customer loyalty and retention.

In e-commerce, scalability is essential. PICTOFiT transforms a brand or retailer’s existing product photos into digital garments (smart AR assets) using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The process is quick and easy to integrate, enabling retailers to capture millions of garments in a matter of minutes.

Online shoppers can try on these digital garments on their own avatars. PICTOFiT avatars are perfect depictions of the user and enable accurate size recommendations across brands. The experience is frictionless for users, and fun! Avatars can be dressed interactively, including unlimited outfit combinations and virtual background scenes.


  • Increase your sales
  • Drive user engagement up
  • Reduce your return rate
  • Decrease your carbon footprint for more sustainability in fashion
  • Create photo-realistic visualizations of your products
  • Custom 3D "Virtual Fitting Room" scenes to fit your retail experience
  • Transform ghost mannequin photos into virtual and smart assets
  • Easily scale our solutions to millions of products and users


  • Easily create a realistic avatar of themself within seconds
  • Mix & match clothes to see how their favorite outfits look on them
  • Try on selected outfits in unique and photo-realistic 3D scenes
  • Advanced size recommendation based on their virtual avatar
  • Fun, user-friendly and personalized digital shopping experience
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Launch date
September 29, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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