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Product images import by SKU from Google Drive

About Picsio: Bulk Image Upload

Import without downloading : Import product images straight from Google Drive. matches photos to products by their SKUs.

No CDN costs : Reduce costs on CDN traffic to product photos, pay only for Google Drive and import pproduct photos from there to Shopify

Easy matching by SKU : We "look" for SKUs in name of your images in Google Drive and match found SKUs with product SKUs in your store to import them in bulk

Integrations Google Drive Amazon S3 Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign

How it works

Simply add product SKU anywhere to the image's metadata using and the plugin will do the rest. Import products to your Shopify with plugin by matching images with products from your digital asset management.

Bulk Image Upload and Import

Just by including SKU anywhere within the image’s metadata, the plugin becomes a bulk image uploader! The plugin will locate them and match with product SKUs in your Shopify store. Bulk imports via CSV are a thing of the past now.

No CDN .jpg links Hassle

Connect your GDrive or Amazon S3 bucket where you store product photos to Picsio and then import photos from there to your Shopify store just by using this app. Originals stay in your storage, no duplicates problem.

Photo library organisation Digital asset management for Shopify is a free extension of our Digital Asset Management (DAM). DAM is a software designed to make creating, finding, and sharing of your product images easy. When you have thousands of products, 5-7 images for each one, your media library becomes difficult to navigate. Finding or updating a product's visuals becomes a time sink that you cannot ignore due to the marketing importance of visuals. Using our DAM, you can add keywords and custom metadata fields to find images quicker.

Tagging and Folders

With's ability to create custom tags and nested folders, you can keep everything separated and structured. Bulk image edit feature, meanwhile, lets you tag multiple images at once, so they are always easy to find using visual markers and keywords.

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February 24, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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