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Send packages to your customers via pickup points in Israel and the UK

Merchants can connect to a shipping company's feed of pickup points. Then, customers can choose their preferred pickup point for their delivery. Only the closest pickup points to the customer's address will be displayed.

This replaces the old method of merchants assigning pickup points to customers based on a generic pickup point shipping method.

This makes the delivery process smoother and more enjoyable for both the merchant and customer.

Merchants can adjust custom settings to ensure that pickup points display exactly as they wish:

  • Number of pickup point options to display to customer
  • Cost to customer of pickup point delivery - including free shipping over a chosen order amount
  • Generic pickup point option
  • Maximum weight for orders eligible for pickup point delivery
  • Minimum cost for orders eligible for pickup point delivery
  • The app integrates with the following delivery companies: CollectPlus, HFD, Sosna, Cheeta, BoxIt, YDM.

When a customer places their order, the merchant will automatically receive the pickup point information. Then, the merchant can pick, pack, and fulfill the order and notify the customer when the package has arrived at the pickup point.

If you use a shipping app for an individual shipping company, the shipping app will automatically detect when a customer places an order and will create the most relevant pickup points. To see which shipping apps are included, see all of BOA Ideas' apps.

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May 03, 2021
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