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Custom Text, Animated Watermarks and Labels for Product Images

About PicAmaze Animate Images, Gifs

Animate Images with Watermarks : Select а product, type your text, choose an animated watermark and your animation is ready. Upload to product page or download as MP4 or GIF

Boost Sales and Conversions : More attractive look for your store resulting in higher time on page, decreased bounce rate & higher Total Value for FB/IG ads

Marketing, Social Media & Ads : Easily shareable product images for social media, ads or email marketing campaigns. Proved to increase engagement & traffic to your store



  • “80%+ increase in engagement for FB ads & 110% increase in engagement for Twitter ads when GIFs are used” Laurence Liddy
  • “100% increase in both conversation rate & revenue for an email marketing campaign when GIF is used” Dell Case Study
  • “A study of 3.7 million accounts showed that Tweets with a GIF gained 55% more engagement than those without” Тwitter Internal Data
  • “Millenials say GIFs communicate their thoughts better than English” TIME Magazine

What is PicAmaze

Do you remember when you first saw a magic trick? That WOW effect. How amazing it felt?

With PicAmaze you’ll be the magician and your magic trick will be bringing images to life. Enchanted by the lively photos, your users will stay longer in your store. They will purchase more and talk about your products. You made them feel special and you amazed them. They’ll want to share it with the world!

Download for FREE, animate an image in seconds, and make your store unique!

  • Select a product to animate your first photo
  • Select an animated watermark/effect - Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday
  • Use any language to add text, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Hindi, or whatever your customer will be happy to see
  • Our app will combine the selected watermarks & effects and it will magically bring the photo to life in a GIF/MP4/APNG format. GIFs will play easily no matter the theme of the store. MP4 can be used in Facebook Ad Manager.
  • The animated image will increase time on the page and decrease bounce rate
  • Download and share the animated photo on your FB, Instagram, Twitter posts to increase traffic to your store. Use it also for email marketing to boost sales
  • The animated images will increase the quality of your FB ads which will lead to a higher total value for your ad, which will help you win the auction


  • Easy to install. No tech skills needed, just a pinch of interest in magic:)
  • Animate images just the right way - The app will animate the images and create them in an optimized GIF/MP4/APNG
  • Library with animated watermarks & effects that is regularly updated
  • Ability to download the animated image in a GIF/MP4/APNG format
  • Ability to remove the animated photo after a certain time and replace it with the normal image from before
  • Rotation and resizing of the selected watermarks used for animation
  • Ability to change the transparency, color (hue), intensity, and brightness of the animated watermarks & effects

No Technical Debt:

This app is non-invasive and doesn't affect your theme code and won't leave any dead code

Be the magician. Bring magic into your customers’ lives. Make your store unique!

Alternative to: Giphy, Plotaverse, Werble, PicsArt & Flixel, ModeMagic

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August 04, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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