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About Shoppable blogs

Keep your customers engaged : Enable your customers to add related products directly from your blog. Your content is read in full and you build meaningful relationships.

Boost sales : By subtracting a step in your sales funnel you increase your conversion rate. This is based on proven growth hacking techniques.

Supercharge your SEO : Product that are linked to keywords automatically create multiple internal backlinks, thereby increasing the crawlability of your site.


Make your blogs shoppable!

As growth marketers we know how much power content has. An educated customer is easier to convert. Currently however, related product links in blogs only show up as a hyperlink and lead away from your content. Therefore, you might have the occasional reader visit the product page of the first product that you link, but they miss out on the rest of the products, and educating themselves on the combined value of them.

The solution: Philyra.

  • Stylish product pop-ups based on keywords in your blogs
  • Embed related products in your blog
  • Automatically link products to blogs
  • Create thousands of internal links for SEO with one click
  • Increase blog views and boost sales
  • Make your blogs shoppable!

Stylish product pop-ups based on keywords in your blogs

It’s never been simpler!

  1. Assign a keyword to a product.
  2. Customize your product pop-up.

And that’s it. Philyra will create an automatic product pop-up with add-to-cart function whenever a reader hovers over the highlighted keyword that is linked to the product. This also works for every existing blog post!

Embed related products in your blog

If you prefer to have your related products on continuous display in your blogs, then we have a feature for this as well.

  1. Simply link an embed code to a product (e.g. [unisex_tshirt001]).
  2. Place the code in your blog where you want your product to be displayed.

And again, that’s it. The installation is as simple as it can be and requires no coding skills!

Automatically link products to blogs

Every blog is written with one ultimate goal in mind: to increase sales. By removing the additional hurdle of having to send your blog readers to product pages, you boost your revenue growth.

Create thousands of internal links for SEO with one click

We don’t just boost your customer engagement and sales; we also supercharge your SEO ranking! By linking products with keywords in the Philyra app you create thousands of internal links with one click. Every keyword that is linked to a product becomes an internal link which will boost your SEO beyond measures!

Increase blog views and boost sales

By ensuring that your readers stay on your blog whilst giving them the ability to shop for related products, you enable them to form a closer connection with the brand. You therefore increase your chances of readers becoming recurring customers and even ambassadors of your brand!

Start using Philyra - Product Pop-Ups in Blogs now to engage your readers and boost your sales!

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