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About Pencil ‑ AI video ads that win

🚀 Ads that get sales : Let Pencil write copy, edit video, apply your branding and turn your product images into winning ads for Facebook & TikTok.

😅 Stop wasting ad $$$ : It's crazy to grind out endless ads by hand only to find they don't work! Automate finding winning ads and grow your business faster.

⚡ Get started in minutes : Just connect your Shopify store and Ads Manager accounts. Pencil will discover killer insights and generate new ads for you in minutes.

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"Pencil has been a game changer" - James Harding, Lyka Pet Food

Creative AI platform used by fast-growing ecommerce brands

Pencil is a creative AI platform that generates Facebook & TikTok ads predicted to win. 1,000+ ecommerce brands use Pencil to make more sales from their Facebook and TikTok ads by building a scalable process around ad creative testing.

  1. Connect your Shopify store to automatically import your branding, product descriptions, images and videos.
  2. Connect your Facebook ad accounts to analyze all your historic ads data.
  3. Generate new ads predicted to win in minutes.
  4. Launch and scale your winning ads, while pausing your losing ads.
  5. See why your winning ads are working, so you have insights to grow your business.

The absolute easiest way to get new ad creatives

  • As opposed to template-based editors, you don't need to waste time choosing templates, cutting video, versioning sizes or thinking of what to say with Pencil. Pencil generates finished ads from your existing images and videos automatically.
  • As opposed to working with freelancers, generating ads with Pencil takes minutes and costs significantly less. You still get original, unique ads. And Pencil takes your data into account, so your ads are likely to get better results too.

Save time and money on ad creatives

  • A few dollars per AI creative vs. hundreds of dollars for hand-made creatives
  • Generate 6s, 10s, 15s videos and static ads in 1:1, 16:9, 9:16 formats and more
  • Generate ads for popular channels like Facebook & Tiktok

Get more sales from your ad spend on Facebook & TikTok

  • Get better ad results by simply testing more ad creatives
  • Find winning ads faster with AI predictions trained on your data

Stop wasting money on ads

  • Avoid testing ads that are similar to past losers using AI predictions
  • Detect ads that are fatiguing or not performing, and switch them off fast

Drop-dead easy to set up and quick to get results

  • Pencil integrates directly with your Shopify store and Facebook ad accounts
  • Automatically analyze your data, get insights and generate ads in minutes

At last... an easy, scalable, repeatable creative process for your business

  • Use AI to come up with new ads to test, from your existing assets, in minutes
  • Launch your ads quickly, identify winners to scale and losers to pause
  • Get insights on what's working to collect better images and videos. Repeat!

About Pencil

Pencil makes creative AI software for ecommerce brands. We're on a mission to help store owners discover winning ad ideas that unlock their next level of growth.

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February 08, 2022
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